Sunday, 19 April 2015

                                                        - VIOLEENA VIRGINIA KALITA

 She is Rimpy Tripathy-a 21 year old engineering student from gogamukh which lies on the border of Lakhimpur and Dhemaji districts of ASSAM. The girl from our country has attracted global attention for her invention-ANTI RAPE DEVICE.As she is dreaming big, Rimpy has now entered a global contest for her latest invention, becoming a youth icon in her own right. A student SRM university, Chennai was greatly disturbed by the Delhi gang rape incident. She at once decided the menace that affects the female dignity and identity.
After a discussion with her classmates she came out with an innovation- SHE, a device which will revolutionize the society while fighting violence against women. The society harnessing equipment, (SHE) is an anti-rape device that can fully protect a woman from rape at any time and at any place. It is a bra that can deliver 3800 KW electric shock to anyone who attempts to molest and grope a woman. If someone tries to grab the bra, it generates electric shock on the outer side and if a man thus receives the shock, he cannot stand up again for about 10 minutes. The battery attached to the device can create such electric shocks up to 82 times. Following the act of grabbing, the pressure sensor attached to the device sends message to two different locations - one to a family member or any one whose number has been fixed and the other to the nearby police station. The first message informs the location with the mobile GPS and GSM tracking device, and the next message is send as an SOS. The device can also be kept on an 'Off' or 'On' mode with a switch. Further, plans are there to interface the system with a Smartphone by using Bluetooth and infrared. The pressure sensor will send signal to the Smartphone through Bluetooth which, in turn, will send crises messages instantly to the people who need to be contacted in cases of emergency.
The wearer of SHE is protected against this shock as the entire system is in a by layer fabric that insulates the wearer. The pressure values for squeeze, pinch and grab have been calibrated on the device and the force applied on hugging does not meet the conditions for activation of the device and there is also a self – actuation switch through which a woman can activate it herself when in an unsafe environment.


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